About Murrumbidgee HealthPathways

What is HealthPathways Murrumbidgee? 

HealthPathways Murrumbidgee is a web-based portal with condition-specific ‘pathways'. Each pathway supports clinicians with assessment, management and local referral information. The HealthPathways site is designed to be used at point of care primarily by general practitioners but is also available to hospital specialists, nurses and other health professionals across Murrumbidgee.

The secure portal is not for use by patients, however there will be appropriate local resources for GPs to provide to patients.


HealthPathways Murrumbidgee uses a highly successful New Zealand model which aims to maximise health outcomes for our community:

  • Designed to improve health services delivery across Murrumbidgee 
  • Tailored to local health services (e.g. referrals to local specialists)
  • Improves collaboration between GPs and specialists.

Who is involved? 

HealthPathways Murrumbidgee is a partnership between Murrumbidgee Local Health District and Murrumbidgee Primary Health Network. This partnership has established a team to develop and implement HealthPathways Murrumbidgee. The HealthPathways team includes GP Clinical Editors, Clinical Coordinators and Clinical Leader from across the primary and acute health sectors


Clinical Working Groups (CWGs) consisting of specialists, GPs, allied health and key stakeholders are established to identify issues affecting patient care in a particular service area. They propose solutions to issues identified, and while CWGs do not write or sign off on pathways, they will review or comment on them.  If you are interested in getting involved please email the HealthPathways team healthpathways@mphn.org.au 


Who can use HealthPathways Murrumbidgee? HealthPathways is designed to be used at the point of care by GPs, however will also be available to health care professionals across Murrumbidgee for use within their scope of practice. HealthPathways is not designed to be used by the general community. However, depending on the specific pathway, relevant patient resources will be available on the portal for health professionals to provide to patients to support their care. 


To access the portal, clinicians will simply:

  • Log on to the website
  • Search for the patient’s condition
  • Access assessment and management options and information on referrals to local specialists and services.

To access HealthPathways Murrumbidgee you will require a secure login.  Please contact the HealthPathways team for a user name and password on healthpathways@mphn.org.au 


If you provide a service in the Murrumbidgee area and your service is not currently listed in the HealthPathways Murrumbidgee site please complete the Health Service Questionnaire.


HealthPathways are dynamic documents and your feedback is essential to maintain currency.  If you would like to provide feedback there is a feedback button on every Pathways page or alternatively email the HealthPathways team on healthpathways@mphn.org.au

Current Activities

HealthPathways Live Launch

Murrumbidgee HealthPathways went live on the 28th June. This occasion was celebrated with a small launch held in Wagga Wagga which was attended by local GPs, local specialists and representatives from Murrumbidgee Local Health District and Murrumbidgee PHN. At the time of the launch there were 100 pages live (32 Clinical Pathways, 53 Request Pages, 8 Resource Pages, 6 Referral Pages, 1 Other Page) with an additional 118 pages under development.

Melissa Neal, CEO Murrumbidgee Primary Health Network Launching Health Pathways

Dr Max Graffen, Clinical Lead, Murrumbidgee HealthPathways

Dr Max Graffen